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Why (Some) Women Love Strap-Ons

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Why (Some) Women Love Strap-Ons

The other day, i came across myself at Cafe Gratitude in l. A., consuming a gluten-free scone and fuming about sex, as you does in 2016. Regarding the obtaining end of my rant had been my buddy “Lori, ” a 23-year-old MFA pupil studying queer concept. I happened to be saying one thing like, “Sure, it is cool that individuals are now living in this post-everything world where gender has ended and hetero-normativity is off-trend and all sorts of the principles of sex are thrown out of the screen. Life is more free now. But we’re additionally being obligated to ask ourselves some severe concerns. Like, ‘Does shaving my armpits make me personally a poor feminist? ’ And, more pressingly, ‘Is my strap-on a icon of male supremacy? ’ If therefore, should I set it on fire being a performance art piece? ”

Lori sipped her green juice and rolled her eyes. “i enjoy using a strap-on, ” she said, casually flipping her long curls behind her shoulders. “Even though my vibrator is bright red plus it’s this process that is laborious strap your self in, one thing about any of it nevertheless seems genuine. It’s some Freudian bullshit, nonetheless it just seems so fun and effective to own a penis. ” It wasn’t the “feminist” answer I had been anticipating.

A couple of evenings later on, we came across my friend “Claire, ” a screenwriter that is 31-year-old for beverages in the Sunset Tower. Claire is significantly of a unicorn for the reason that she’s a right girl whom gets down on using a vibrator. “Think about any of it: guys are the people having a prostate. Exactly why isn’t every girl fucking her boyfriend having a strap-on? ” Claire asked, as a senior guy played jazz piano into the history. “It’s crazy, you truly feel just like you’ve got a cock. I’ve been pegging this person We came across at a Dave Matthews concert. ”

Claire admitted that this is perhaps not really a bucket-list moment for her. “I knew just what pegging had been due to that wide City episode where Abbi pegs her crush, but I became never ever like, ‘Oh, my Jesus, we can’t hold back until the minute once I finally arrive at peg somebody.Read More »Why (Some) Women Love Strap-Ons