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Another Playmate offers really visual about intercourse with Hugh Hefner

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Another Playmate offers really visual about intercourse with Hugh Hefner

You may have thought the Playboy Mansion revelations had been over. INCORRECT, because previous Playmate Izabella St. James has simply made a few of the most claims that are shocking, about Holly’s “obsession” with Hugh and Hef’s love of, er, dildos.?

39-year-old Izabella, whom lived within the mansion from 2002-2004, has branded Holly Madison “delusional” and “disrespectful” following the launch of her guide along the Rabbit Hole: interested Adventures and Cautionary stories of A playboy that is former Bunny.

Despite claims by Holly that girls (specially Kendra Wilkinson) isolated her, Izabella insists it was Holly who was simply “absolutely, totally enthusiastic about Hugh” and whom switched the rest of the playmates against her, distributing rumours about them and hoping to get them dumped.

“It is practically like a woman which was never ever liked is finally having her revenge regarding the good, cool young ones that did not accept her within their group, ” she informs the Mail on line, adding: “She calls it the home of horrors. If it absolutely was the home of horrors, she had been probably the most willing and pleased participant from it all. “

It all boils down to Holly having “a dark” fixation with Hef, Izabella claims, calling her behaviour “Single White Female”.

“She stalked him. She’d proceed through their material. She attempted to seem like the ex-girlfriends he liked the essential. She kept emulating their appearance, their girlfriends that are favourite days gone by. “

Perhaps one of the most claims that are shocking Holly’s guide, had been the strange intimate routines that occurred at the Playboy Mansion. She described exactly just how Hef would gather all of the girls in a semi circle and place “graphic porn” in the television. He’d then smoke weed and “tend to his very own business” although the girls around him would imagine to create away, before he invited certain girls to their space to own intercourse with him.Read More »Another Playmate offers really visual about intercourse with Hugh Hefner