— It’s Not You, It’s Me (m). See, that is just just what the application is ideal for.

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— It’s Not You, It’s Me (m). See, that is just just what the application is ideal for.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, Friends to enthusiasts

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut

Overview: “ We should split up, ” Jungkook takes the sit down elsewhere away from you and takes a little sip. In this case, anybody would assume which you and Jungkook had been enthusiasts. Both You and Jungkook aren’t enthusiasts.

Warning: Implied smut, tiny smut scenes, impregnation kink, PDA, ANGST, implied affair

A/n: This took me personally forever to publish as well as on numerous occasions i needed to delete everything, we nevertheless don’t enjoy it therefore I may delete it idk. But please show me help, keep in mind that comments and telling me personally that which you think motivates me personally to compose!! Hope you dudes enjoy!: ))

“ We should split up, ” Jungkook takes the sit down elsewhere away from you and requires a sip that is small. In this case, anybody would assume which you and Jungkook had been enthusiasts.

You and Jungkook aren’t fans.

“ exactly What? ” You are genuinely confused, why was he had been saying this in a busy cafe. The couple close to you dudes are doing part glances, along with your getting flustered. Is it one of his true pranks to embarrass you right in front of individuals, you might be therefore planning to destroy him.

“ truthfully, It is perhaps perhaps not you, it is me…actually it really is style of you, ” he bites their lip and brushes his locks along with his hand.

“ just What the hell have you been speaing frankly about, Jungkook? ” The couple appears surprised together with your reaction, you look to them and provide them a life-threatening glare. “ Did Jimin dare one to do that? I’m gonna kill him when I kill you. ” You have a drink from your beverage and grimace during the hot heat.

“ Well he didn’t dare me personally, he simply convinced me personally to like…take a rest away from you? ” He appears only a little timid when you arch your eyebrow, he cowers in their chair.

“ is it possible to let me know what’s really happening, our company is not really dating. ” Is Jungkook into role playing now?

Jungkook grabs the salt shaker, pours a small little bit of sodium up for grabs, and plays along with it in the end of their index hand. “ I’m sure we aren’t dating… it is exactly that we discovered we have actuallyn’t been making love since I’m close friends to you, ” he allows out a tiny sigh.

Previously that time

“ Where’s Y/N at? ” Namjoon appears around Jungkook to see any indication of you. Jungkook sets their backpack down the flooring and sits straight straight down in the chair, “ Ahh… she’s at campus. She went along to get yourself guide during the collection or something like that, ” Jungkook grabs the chopsticks and begins consuming the meat. “ You don’t even welcome your hyungs you pig, ” Jimin playfully punches his shoulder hard before you start eating. “ Why would i must welcome you? We saw you earlier today, ” Jungkook rolls his eyes and continues eating.

“ Whoa Jimin! Did you receive mauled with a vampire? ” Hoseok laughs as he tips away Jimin’s hickies, while Jimin appears smug. Jungkook prevents consuming and talks about Jimin, he can’t recall the final time he had gotten hickies.

“ Ohh… they are from Sana, we connected along with her night that is last wouldn’t stop providing them with whenever she had been riding the hell out of me personally, ” he shrugs, while showing of their hickies.

“Jimin, please try not to share any details about your sex life, as well as your lover’s title. It’s not respectful towards her. ” Namjoon tsk and shakes their mind at Jimin. “Well she’s probably going to fairly share information on us sex that is having and Hoseok was literally speaing frankly about their attach two times ago, ” Jimin defends himself quickly.

‘When had been the time that is last had sex?, ’ Jungkook believes to himself. Then every one of unexpected Jimin and Hoseok begin laughing, as well as other clients begin staring at them, shit he said that out loud.

“Do you need to know why you have actuallyn’t had intercourse, kookie? ” Jimin asks, Jungkook gets upset as he is called by him that but he desires to understand why.

“What about her? ” Jungkook does not realize why he stated your title.

“Wow you can’t also see it…okay without a doubt, Y/N and you are clearly inseparable to the level where girls don’t desire to connect with you simply because they think your dating her. ” He grabs the meat and sets in the lips.

Jungkook does not buy their concept, no method in which could be real. He shakes their in disbelief and sets more meat on the grill.

“Fine don’t believe me personally, ask Namjoon and Hoseok, ” he shrugs and then he flips the meat in the grill.

Jungkook appears to Namjoon and Hoseok, providing them with a look that is questioning.

“ initial time you introduced us to Y/N, I was thinking you dudes had been dating. You become a classic couple that is married. So naturally girls don’t approach you due to that. ” Namjoon provides their description, and provides him a reassuring pat on his neck.

“ It’s true Jungkook, one time we had been during the club and I also heard a team of girls speaking about just just how hot you seemed. One of many girls would definitely request you to dancing then again her buddy stopped her stating that you and Y/N are dating for a long time. Sorry friend, I wound up asking her to dancing after which we fucked during my automobile. ” Jungkook remains quiet as soon as the dudes switch onto a various discussion, after all you and him do hangout everyday but how exactly does influence their love life?

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