Constantin continues inside jeopardize individuals to reunite the amount of money.

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Constantin continues inside jeopardize individuals to reunite the amount of money.

That he visits Kim in an industry, with came across the girl identity that is former as.

Offered Dragomir’s previous lifestyle out of criminal activity, Constantin believes Kim had been involved in Natalie at stealing the amount of money. This girl does not know any single thing about this.

Baptiste plus Edward attempted to get the funding, determining towards talk with Natalie’s roommate, Lina, once more. Lina had been the main one whom knocked Edward away as that he expected your money can buy right back at Natalie. The romanians are definitely mentioned with the woman have always been after this girl, and she’s reluctant inside help—but this girl stocks which Natalie stated that when a thing occurred to this girl: choose the lady son.

Edward are surprised to master Natalie experienced the son, called Matty. This person everyday lives along with his daddy, Thijs de Boer, who Niels law enforcement officer visited in a healthcare facility immediately after Natalie’s death, to get this girl following concerning kin in order to determine the woman system. Thijs won complete custody to Matty considering this person may poney for a far better attorney; regardless of that he’s one violent addict. Natalie informed Lina in which the cash will be along with her son, worst situation: provided this girl mayn’t save yourself the girl sis, at the least this girl may help Matty.

Matty happens to be snuck out from the medical center, whenever he exclusively experienced a procedure, with that tulip farmer, Herman, ththe bestt receive your bag and necklace high in funding hidden to their farm. Herman’s vehicle stops working whereas travel Matty from the medical center, then since the storage he’s towed towards try shut when it comes to evening, he’s forced in order to buy a car—using that is new funding through the case.

Right back at their farm, Herman will poney the best buddy inside connect Matty around excellent IV, because that he kept a medical facility very early. Whenever Matty finally wakes, he’s asin order tonished to observe Herman—his grandfather. Herman describes in which Natalie needed him to manage Matty, rather than Thijs; plus they were left by her something special. Nevertheless when he is out inside their automobile trunk when it comes to bag of cash, each windows are definitely cracked plus the case is fully gone.

Matty’s disappearance through the medical center actually roadblock as part of Baptiste’s seek out the income. Suffering from learned all about Thijs after Lina, that he phone phone calls that Amsterdam authorities commissioner Martha, a vintage flame, to have important information on him, as well as this girl shows him to create Edward as part of: Europol would like to consult with him.

Genevieve, a real estate agent after Europol, has recently cancelled that the arrest justify upon Constantin—she’s going upwyourrd per big investigation towards each Romanian gang, and also arresting only him may destroy that research. This girl asks Edward to put on the cable and acquire incontrovertible evidence in which Constantin murdered their daddy, this provides the lady ammo to produce Constantin switch on the remainder gang and also bring them straight straight down. Edward declines. Him to get in their car as he goes to his car later, Constantin and another Romanian appear and order.

Martha was furious it Europol offers interfered inside her duty, then informs Baptiste your this person if allow law enforcement section. Waiting of him outdoors are the girl son Niels: it is their time down, and then he helps Baptiste search for Thijs. The hospital is visited by them in which Niels have found Thijs, and see your simultaneously Thijs plus Matty have died; a healthcare facility does not have any report to Matty exiting. Safety digital digital camera footage isn’t any help in: this dropped away for approximately that the ten full minutes anytime Matty disappeared.

Frustrated inside their research, Baptiste then Niels hyourve actually a sit down elsewhere plus reveal their dislike out of hospitals, due to the life-threatening that is recent businesses these each experienced. Niels next makes, guaranteeing to place away your alert upon Thijs although Baptiste continues towards query a medical facility workers. Baptiste provides Niels’s papers coffee glass and also sends this up to per laboratory to stay tested.

Each after time, Baptiste realizes that certain for the medical center staff members had been lying in order to him and also Niels: this girl aided Matty escape through deleting your digital digital camera footage, in trade, presumably, of repayment.

Just what Baptiste will using this ideas, people do not but understand; nevertthat heless he’s got created yet another startling development. This person visits Martha in the home, plus asks: the reason why didn’t I am told by you Niels ended up being our son?


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